Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thomas & Betts

While I may still come back to the Mississippi River for some tweaking, I have decided to move on and tackle the Thomas & Betts plant right next to the bridge.  On Black Friday, while Patti was shopping, I took a trip to Clinton  IA to snap some pictures of the plant and, of course, some more of the bridge.  Below is a couple of pictures of the facility.  My favorite, by the way, is the third one taken while standing under the bridge.

It appears that the taller white buildings are the original structures while the Morton style structure was added on later.  While the Morton building occupies much more square footage than the original structures, the original are much more visible due to their height.  I do not have near enough space for the entire facility, so I opted to include the original white structures only somewhat downsized, but greatly reducing the size of the Morton style structure.  I used Evergreen styrene .060 sheet and .020X.100 strips for the main structure along with Grant Line windows.  For the Morton building I used a modified Pikestuff engine facility kit.  I'll post more pictures as I complete the plant.

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