Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Progress on Thomas & Betts

   I used my airbrush to apply Floquil reefer white and Floquil earth to the Thomas and Betts plant in Clinton, IA. Also added doors windows, vents and roof detail.  I am in search of a good source of a large rooftop air conditioner to complete the project. I got a bunch of nice details a while back from a company that only sold via their website, but I can't remember their name.  They had air conditioners, dumpsters, air vents, wood crates, pallets and more.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I also put in the parking lot, gravel lot and put ballast on the spur track.  A few vehicles and other details were also added.

   While I was putting in the parking lot, I decided to put in a road to the bridge shops that are right next to the western exit of the rotating bridge.  The shops are for maintaining and operating the bridge.  The two buildings do not match the prototype structures, but they will do for now. In fact, I probably won't get back to scratch building the correct prototypes until after a whole lot of other project s are completed on the layout.  I also did some work on the riverbank area.  I included below some prototype pics for reference.
   Sometime during Christmas break I plan to weather the road and add static grass around the area.

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  1. The detail is out of this world. And more so with N. Always look forward to seeing your progress!