Friday, December 23, 2011

Shore Detail, UP Bridge Shop & Thomas & Betts

   I'm almost much done with the Mississippi River/Clinton area of the layout. I added ladders to the shore area, added a paved road across the tracks for access to Thomas & Betts, put in a gravel road, weathered the roadways & parking lots, put in some background buildings, planted some telephone poles and added a few people.  The background buildings are from an old Heljan slaughterhouse kit that is now on its fourth layout.  I've gotten my money's worth out of that one!  Only thing left to do is add some static grass and put a background picture where the road ends at the backdrop.  I will hopefully get to the static grass next week but won't get to the background picture until things get green again in the spring and I can take an appropriate picture somewhere.
   The next areas of the layout I am going to tackle are the Proviso warehouses and ballasting the Proviso Yard.  I may try to get to the prototype Proviso Yard next week and get some pictures but I won't be able to begin construction until after Christmas break.  If I have time I may also try to weather some engines and the BLMA spine cars during break; maybe even one more video.  Stay tuned.

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