Monday, September 2, 2019

Progress at Global III Intermodal Yard

Quite a bit of progress has been made at the Global II intermodal yard.  Work has continued at the Global III entrance/exit area and even more work has been completed on the Global II engine maintenance facilities.

First a look at the engine facilities.  Concrete surfaces have been added using styrene sheets.  Also, added are Synder fueling cranes, a sanding tower and additional details.

For the Global III entrance/exit area, a second set of video shed and truck booth has been constructed and both sets have been painted.  In the picture below, the foreground set is for trucks entering the yard while the background set if for trucks leaving the yard. 

This view is from the other direction.  The foreground set is for departing trucks while the background is for arriving trucks.  The exit driveway is off camera lower left.

Chain link fencing has also been added.