Friday, July 20, 2012

Fifty Feet of Ballast

After getting the Proviso Locomotive Facility done, the difference in the level of completeness between the two rooms of the layout was getting very large.  While the room with Fulton/Clinton/Proviso still has a long way to go, it is much further along then the Rochelle/Franklin Grove room.  The main difference is ballasting, as in completely done to just started.  So, I decided that before I make any more progress on Fulton/Clinton/Proviso area, I really needed to get the rest of the ballasting done for the entire layout. The video below shows what's been done over the past few weeks.  I've completed fifty more feet  of the mainline (1.5 scale miles) with just 16 left to go. After that there is the BNSF track, Global III and the BNSF/UP interchange track.  My plan is to have all ballasting done before school starts in just over 4 weeks.

Here's also a video of trains running past the Proviso Locomotive Facility.