Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mounting Signal Heads on Bridges

   I mounted Benscale signal heads on a couple NJ International signal bridges.  To mount the sgnal heads, I glued styrene strips to the underside of the bridges.  Holes were drilled in the strips and styrene rods were inserted and glued in place.  The signal heads were mounted on the rods.  I still need to paint the rods and the backs of the signal heads silver.
   I think the signal bridges turned out pretty well.  Both the bridges and the signal heads

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rock River area painted, basic ground cover and bridged in place.

Got the area painted with basic ground cover.  Train roll once again over the Rock River.

Screen wire and plaster cloth for Rock River crossing

Was able to install some screen wire and plaster on the Rock River crossing area.  First step was to complete the forms on both sides of the bench work using 1X2 wood.

With the wood forms all in place I attached screen wire using a staple gun.  Cardboard strips could also be used for this, but I find the screen wire is easier and goes quicker.

Plaster cloth was used for the final hard shell.  I'll give the plaster a few hours to dry and then I'll paint it and add ground cover.  Lastly, I'll put the bridge back in place.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Rock River Bridge Installation

Ok, the Rock river does not lie just east of Rochelle. But the river is a main waterway of northern Illinois and this section of the layout between Rochelle and Wheaton is a great spot for a river. So, today I cut out the temporary wood span, added the plywood river bottom and installed the bridges to span the river. The toughest part was getting the river bottom at just the right elevation so the tracks crossed the bridge spans on the level.


Tracks moved out of the way, temporary roadbed removed and plywood riverbed added.

Bridges added with tracks reinstalled.  For now, I just reused the tracks that were on the temporary roadbed.  Eventually I will be using bridge track for the spans.

Video of trains passing through.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Laying Down Some Basic Scenery

Over the past few weekends, I have been laying down some basic scenery and installing signals. 

Clinton, IA

Wheaton, IL

Monday, September 7, 2015

Update with Lots of Photos

   I've been making a lot of progress on the layout.  At the end of July, I completed benchwork and trackage all the way around the entire layout.  This of course means that trains can run around the entire loop for some great rail-fanning on the layout, which is exactly what I've been doing the last five weeks.  I've also managed to install a crossover and a industrial turnout in Wheaton, IL during this time.   I still one more industrial spur turnout in Wheaton, a curved turnout at the Rochelle interchange and double crossover turnouts between Elmhusrt and Wheaton before I can drive the golden spike.  I hope to have all that done and maybe a little more before the layout will be on the Atlanta Area Piedmont Pilgrimage November 8.
  In the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to give you an around the layout photo tour so that you can get an idea of the 200' mainline of the UPRR Geneva Subdivision.  I am using the UP 844 Excursion Train for the tour.  Climb and aboard and enjoy!

We start at the west staging yard where we see the 844 begin its tour of the Geneva Sub mainline.  The west end of the staging yard connects with the eat staging yard in the furnace/water heater room.

The 844 enters Clinton, IA which begins the modeled portion of the layout.

From Clinton, the mainline head across the Mississippi River,

This will be northern Illinois farmland between the river and Franklin Grove, IL

The 844 enters and passes through Franklin Grove.  Franklin Grove has two industries.

Here is the west half of the Global III Inter-modal Yard

Two views of Global III taken looking east and then looking west.

More farmland between Global III and Rochelle, IL.

The excursion train enters Rochelle.  BNSF/UP interchange track and small yard is visible on the left.

Crossing the diamonds and ppassing the Railroad Park.

The industrial east edge of Rochelle.

From Rochelle the mainline will cross the Rock River.

After crossing the Rock River, the line goes through he wall to Wheaton.

 On this curve will be the Wheaton, IL Metra Station.  An industrial spur will be in the background.

From Wheaton the 844 head to Elmhurst

This will be Elmhurst.  Nice long straight away!

 View of Elmhurst looking east.

The line goes through yet another wall and enters the Proviso area.

Proviso engine facilities.

Mainline passes the Proviso Yard.

With the room being a bit longer than our old house, an extension was added east of the Proviso Yard.

Around a curve and into Maywood, IL.

East of Maywood the line crosses the Des Plaines River.

Through the wall and into River Forest, IL.

Finally the 844 enters the east staging yard.