Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ballasting Proviso Yard

Been quite a while since I last posted.  Jan/Feb are very busy months at work, but I will hopefully be able to post more in the coming weeks.  I finally got going on ballasting the Proviso Yard. Got about half of the yard done, the eastern end.  I used a mixture of Arizona Rock and Mineral CSX and Highball Brown for the Arrival/Departure tracks and just the Highball brown for the yard tracks.  Used over 2 pounds of ballast, 16 fl. oz. of alcohol and a large bottle of Elmer's glue so far.  I'm very happy with the use of different colors of ballast for the mainline, A/D tracks, and yard tracks.  The different colors together with the differing heights of the tracks helps to distinguish the classes of track.