Saturday, December 20, 2008

Promised pictures of Geneva Subdivision progress.

Here’s a link to some pictures of progress to date on the UPRR Geneva Subdivision.

Have a great Christmas everyone!!!

progress as of 12-20-09


Monday, December 1, 2008

Geneva Subdivision Progress Update

Got quite a bit done since the last update. Installed and painted the backdrop and installed cork roadbed on over half of the mainline. I’m doing something a little different for the mainline roadbed. I want the mainline to be noticeable higher than the non-mainline track and simply higher overall to really establish it as class 1 mainline track. I’ve always noticed that prototype class 1 mainline track, ie UP double track line through Northern Illinois, looks more substantial than it appear on the Rochelle Sub or other N Scale layouts. With this in mind, I decided that the mainline track on the Geneva Sub would have an extra layer of cork. Two layers of regular N scale cork roadbed seemed to be too high (.25 inch or 40 scale inches) So I am using a layer of 1/16″ cork under the regular 1/8 inch N scale cork roadbed for a total of 3/16 or 30 scale inches. Also, this will make the mainline 1/16″ or 10 scale inches higher than non-mainline track. I purchased the 1/16″ cork in 10″X36″ sheets from a local Science Supply Store and cut it into strips with a paper cutter. In the video, you can see a section where the 1/16″ cork is down, but the top layer has not yet been laid. I’ve been really happy with the way things are turning out so far. With a minimum mainline radius of 36″, the curves look really good. I have also decided to have all #10 turnouts on the mainline and #8 turnouts in the yard, sidings, etc. I think having these minimums is really going to make the trackwork and the entire layout looking much more prototypical. Here’s the video. I plan on taking pictures tonight. Daryl