Saturday, June 2, 2018

Improvements to Lone "Turn-back Curve" on the Geneva Sub

   Turn back curves are locations on layouts where the track makes a complete 180 degree turn in direction.  Although almost all layouts have them, they are quite up prototypical in appearance.  When the layout was back in Rochelle, IL there were zero turn-back curves on the layout.  Here in Georgia, our basement has a narrow, 9' X 22' section where a turn-back curve is unavoidable.  So, the challenge is to disguise it a bit by breaking the curve into two sections with a scenery block.  I chose to use a small area of woods that are common in northern Illinois.  The trees do a great job of breaking up the curve and makes the scene a bit more prototypical looking.

Roads for Elmhurst, IL Metra Station Area

Roads have been added to the area around the Elmhurst Metra Station.  Woodland Scenics paving plaster was used for the road surfaces.  Styrene was used for sidewalks and Line O Tape 1/32" pin-striping was used for road lines. A backdrop has also bee added to the area.  Road signs, street lights  and people will be added next. Lots of work and detailing still also needs to be done on the buildings. Stay tuned!