Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ballasting Proviso Yard

Been quite a while since I last posted.  Jan/Feb are very busy months at work, but I will hopefully be able to post more in the coming weeks.  I finally got going on ballasting the Proviso Yard. Got about half of the yard done, the eastern end.  I used a mixture of Arizona Rock and Mineral CSX and Highball Brown for the Arrival/Departure tracks and just the Highball brown for the yard tracks.  Used over 2 pounds of ballast, 16 fl. oz. of alcohol and a large bottle of Elmer's glue so far.  I'm very happy with the use of different colors of ballast for the mainline, A/D tracks, and yard tracks.  The different colors together with the differing heights of the tracks helps to distinguish the classes of track.


  1. Looking good, Daryl! long is your yard? I'm looking into adding a yard to my Rochelle Intermodal layout and am trying to decide on size...


  2. Hi Peter!

    The yard is roughly 9.5 feet from throat to throat. The longest track can hold 16 cars and it has a total capacity of about 110 cars.