Monday, December 12, 2011

Thomas & Betts ready for Painting

I'm ready to paint the Thomas & Betts plant.  Since the last post, I completed the roofing on all three structures, added the vertical storage storage tanks, added the passageway between the two tall towers and built the small roof access structure to one of the roofs.  I will still need to add the large air conditioner as well as other assorted details.  I made the storage tanks out of 1" PVC pipe.  Once the building are painted, I will install the windows and doors.


  1. Looks great (as usual)! One question: what did you use to build the low blue building? Looks like you kitbashed some Pikestuff structures. I need to build some similar structures pretty soon. Thanks, Jamie

  2. Yeah, it was the Pikestuff two stall engine house.