Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Name that Blog - Atlas B23-7 Giveaway

   Let's ring in the New Year with another locomotive giveaway! This time its an Atlas GE B23-7.  While the loco is 10+ years old, it still runs well.   However, the new owner may want to give it a thorough cleaning, new brushes, etc.
   You can win this loco by helping me rename this blog.  My sister-in-law (Thanks Kate!!)  mentioned to me over the holidays that I needed to give my blog a catchy, more descriptive name in order to drive more visits to the blog and, of course, generate more revenue through ad clicks (support of the blog advertisers is appreciated).  While "UPRR Geneva Subdivision" means something to me and to some model railroad enthusiast, the casual blog surfer has no idea what the blog is about.  So, I am looking for a catchy blog name that will generate interest and will communicate that the blog is about a high quality n scale model train layout.
   The contest will have two parts.  The first part will be submission of new blog names.  Only blog names submitted by blog followers will be considered.  So, to be in the contest, you will need to be registered as a follower of my blog and then submit your blog name through a comment to this post or any subsequent post.  You are not limited in the number of blog names you can submit.
   The second part will be voting for the new blog name.  I will select my favorite five submitted blog names and then everyone will be able to vote for their favorite name.  You will not have to be a follower to vote and you can vote multiple times, but no more than once per day.
   Of course, the winner of the Atlas GE B23-7 will be whoever submitted the winning blog name.  They will also win the satisfaction that they named the best N scale blog on the web, which we all know is worth much more than a locomotive :)
   I'm not sure how long each part will last, but I am thinking a couple of weeks for each.  I will post when each part will end a couple of days beforehand so any last minute submissions or votes can be made.
   I will be posting a video of the overall layout to inform and inspire you. I hope this contest is a lot of fun for everyone and helps give the blog a great name.  Please feel feel to let others on the web know about the contest, the more participants the better!
  Here's the loco.  The contest starts now!


  1. I personally think your current blog name says it all - it is a blog about the UPRR Geneva Subdivision! The subtitle confirms what it is about "The N scale model railroad built by Daryl Kruse"...

    Maybe all it needs is a slight name change, perhaps UPRR Geneva Subdivision N Scale Model Railroad ??

    So my vote is to keep it the same or just make a slight change...after all, 98,000 page views is pretty impressive for a personal blog about a model railroad! As for the advertising, not sure a name change will encourage anyone to click on adverts for 'drop 3 dress sizes' and 'watch films made for chevy'...??

  2. Daryl,
    If you want something new . . .

    Mess-N-about on the Mississippi

  3. A couple suggestions;

    It's a small world after all

    Good things come in small packages

    UPRRGSN aka The Awesome Blog

    Better than HO

  4. Another suggestion as with all my ideas I think you should still include a subtitle that provides the details.

    "Bigger isn't always better"

  5. I also thought the name was spot on already. I recommend no change (unless someone comes up with one that knocks your socks off).

  6. little trains, big world.
    Great video!

  7. Geneva Subdivision -- Un Petite chemin de fer


  8. How about:

    Kruse'N' Daryl's Way - UP Geneva Sub: Chicago to Clinton

    That way a key word search can use: Daryl, Kruse, N, UP, Geneva, Sub, Chicago, Clinton.

    You can substitute Proviso for Chicago, but Chicago is more broadly known.

  9. I rather like Prairie Diamonds or Illinois Diamonds, or some play on the word diamonds, since that is what seems to have inspired the layout in the first place. Maybe Rochelle Diamonds, or even Diamonds and Corn Fields. But I digress...LOL!!!

    (But never Diamonds in the Rough! LOL!!!)

  10. The Great Miniature Rolling Railroad
    (Subtitle)UP's Geneva Subdivision in N Scale by Daryl Kruse

    Thought I'd play off an old UP advertising campaign.