Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bridge Piers

To construct bridge piers for the Mississippi River crossing I used Chooch Industries # 9832 N scale double concrete bridge piers and their #8260 flexible and easy to cut stone walls with peel and stick backing.  It was super simple to cut the flexible stone walls, peel the backing and stick the wall around the concrete piers.  Its great also how close the resulting piers come to represent the prototype piers.  For the large round pier in the middle of the rotating bridge, I had to construct a round base out of styrene to the correct dimensions and then cut the stone wall, peel and stick the wall to the base.  I think I may have made the round pier just a bit to tall, so I may end up removing the bottom row of stones to shorten it a little.   I still need to paint and weather the piers, but so far they look great! You can also see that I have the floor for one half of the rotating bridge in place.  The second half will go in once I get some more Plastruct I beams. 


  1. Those look great - but too bad you couldn't keep one of the "Atlas Box" style piers from your prior post.

    Any idea what the adhesive is on the peel and stock stone? How strong is it?

  2. Not sure exactly what the adhesive is, but it is pretty strong. I did use super glue on the seam to make sure it stayed down, however.

  3. Great post, it show how a little bit of work and some imagination can turn a normal kit into something unique.