Monday, September 5, 2011

Mississippi River Bridge Progress

Work is continuing, although slowly, on the Mississippi River Rotating bridge.  This is one of those projects that you just have to work on it bit by bit, section by section and figure it will be done when its done.  Since my last post, I have completed the bridge decking along with the end plates on each of the crossbeams (white upside down trapezoids).  I glued two beams on top of the end plates/crossbeams along the entire length of the bridge.  The two main center support sections have been assembled and glued in place.  I also have all the piers in place along with the two plate girder bridges on the Iowa side of the bridge.  From here I will build support sections to go on top of each end plate/crossbeam and add the horizontal/vertical beams.  The last picture is the prototype for reference.

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