Saturday, August 13, 2011

Construction begins on Rotaing Bridge

Work has begun on the Mississippi River rotating bridge. I began with construction of the bridge floor. I first tried to construct the floor with the cross I-beams intersecting with the lengthwise I-beams in much the same way the Walther's double track Warren truss bridge kit. That turned out to be a failure as I was not able to cut the I-beams precise enough for them to fit together properly. So instead, I lined up the pairs of lengthwise 3/8" I-beams by gluing a 5/16" I-beam between them. I then cut 3/8" I-beams into 9/16" long sections and glued them in between the pairs of I-beams at 1.75" intervals. Last, I cut 3/8" I-beams into 3/8" lengths and glued them to the outside of the I-beams pairs and lined up with the I-beams on the inside. Dimensions for the floor were determined by using a scaled printout of a picture taken of the actual bridge. The completed floor is just one half of the bridge. After ordering some more 3/8" I-beams, I will assemble the other half and then begin work on the upper structure of the bridge.

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