Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camel Back Bridge

With the Whipple bridge complete, I started work on the camel back bridge.  I am again using the Walther's double track warren truss bridge kit as the starting point for this project.  The prototype is shown in the photos below.

First step was to cut out the inside truss braces.  I made sure to leave the gussets intact.  After the braces were removed, I then cut the truss beams into three top pieces and two side pieces.  Using a prototype picture I printed out, scaled to the correct size, I glued the pieces back together in a camel back configuration similar to the prototype.  I needed to file the ends of the beams to new angles to get them to fit properly in the new configuration.   The photo below shows one truss cut up and one glued back together in the camel back configuration.  Next I will cut new braces for the truss and glue them in place.  I will be using I-beams from Plastruct for the braces.  Stay tuned.

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