Sunday, January 29, 2012

Plexiglas Protection

During operating sessions there's been a hazard of the yard crew's arms (or sleeves) coming in contact with passing trains on the mainline. This, of course, happens when the yard crew is reaching to uncoupling cars in the yard.  Its not a very long reach, but when crews are concentrating on getting the cars uncoupled it easy to forget there may be a train passing through.  We've had a couple of close calls with a few cars being knocked off the track and even one case of an engine hitting the floor Miraculously, the engine was unscathed by the fall with only a few parts needing to be reattached.  Anyway, to prevent future mishaps, I installed a Plexiglas shield in front of the Proviso yard.  It doesn't look too bad, but it will only be in place during op sessions or open houses.  I took the glass down right after I took the pictures below.  I like the open look much better.


  1. I have three (too many) cats, and have used acrylic instead of plexiglass not only for vertical protection on the sides, but I also have pieces that angle down from the backdrop (they rest on a trim piece painted sky blue and topped with velcro) and rest on the top of the verticals, to form a tent effect. Keeps the cats off the layout (and from eating the trees - the little buggers - and is a pretty effective dust guard too. The max. depth of the layout is only 18 inches, though. You can see it on my blog,

  2. Actually, mine is some kind of acrylic also. I would never have cats in the train room, or in the house for that matter.