Sunday, January 29, 2012

Millwood, Inc Warehouse Contruction Begins

I have begun work on the Millwood, Inc warehouse with the main walls fabricated and glued together. Two of the walls are made with .030 sheet styrene laminated with JTT 1/125 brick sheets and Evergreen .030 spaced metal siding. The third wall has just the .030 sheet styrene and brick without the metal siding. As you can see from the prototype pictures the lower third of the building is brick while the upper two thirds is metal siding. The sheets have been laminated to simulate this. Its a bit hard to tell from the pictures since everything is white now. It will be more evident once I get it painted. I also placed a Rix Products kit in between the two warehouses to match the shop separating the building on the prototype. Once I finish the two warehouses, I will put in parking lots, a number of trucks and other vehicles, and a chain link fence.

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