Sunday, January 22, 2012

Name that Blog voting Begins

Okay. Here's the entries for the "Name that Blog" contest.

  • UPRR Geneva Subdivision N Scale Model Railroad 
  • Mess-N-about on the Mississippi 
  • It's a small world after all
  • Good things come in small packages
  • UPRRGSN aka The Awesome Blog
  • Better than HO 
  • Bigger isn't always better 
  • Strength and Muscle; N Scale Strengths applied to Union Pacific Muscle
  • little trains, big world 
  • Geneva Subdivision -- Un Petite chemin de fer 
  • Kruse'N' Daryl's Way - UP Geneva Sub: Chicago to Clinton 
  • Prairie Diamonds 
  • Illinois Diamonds 
  • Rochelle Diamonds 
  • Diamonds and Corn Fields 
  • The Great Miniature Rolling Railroad 
  • UP Excellence in Miniature
My five picks are listed in the voting gadget.  Votes will be tallied for two weeks ending Super Bowl Sunday, February 5 at the kick off.  You may vote multiple times but ONLY ONCE PER DAY.  Anyone breaking voting more than once for there own entry or having someone else do so will be disqualified. Since N scalers are honest by nature, I don't expect there will be a problem.

Good luck to the five entries and I encourage everyone to come back everyday to vote for your favorite.  And. of course, don't forget to support our advertisers. Thanks!

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