Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scenery @ Proviso / Clinton

As I continue to apply basic scenery to the layout, the next section is the Proviso / Clinton Yard area.  Its a big chunk of real estate, but with the large amount of track and area set aside for warehouses and other industrial buildings/roads, there is not that much scenery involved.  First step was to attach aluminum screening. 

I got a new small staple gun for Christmas that made the work so much easier than my old 25 year old generic model.  Should have gotten it before I started on the scenery.  Oh well, water under the bridge. 

Next, is the messy step of model railroad building and probably my least favorite; plastering.  I mix up the plaster of paris and apply it to the screening with a butter knife.  I know there are lots of newer methods out there, but this is the one I know. 

Finally, painting and application of ground foam.  Also a bit messy, but doesn't bother me as much since its closer to the finished product.  Before I began, I first covered up the track with masking tape.  A step that I also did before plastering, although for that I just taped the track next tot the plaster.  Here it all gets covered up.

After getting a second gallon of paint, I got to work and completed yet another section of basic scenery. I now have just one more section left to do.  I hope to get that completed before the end of Christmas break next Tuesday.


  1. I guess if you mix the plaster thick enough and the wire mesh is small enough, you don't get any dripping or seeping of plaster through the mesh?

    The mesh looks like a quick way to add some landform, so I might give it a try on my layout when the time comes.

    Looking great as usual!

  2. The screening is very simple and forms very easily, especially if you are doing simple Midwest scenery. Mountains require more in the way of supports. The pictures look so nice and tidy. I think next time I'm going to take pictures of the mess!

  3. Looking good Daryl!

    Have you tried glueshell?

  4. I have not tried glue shell. Over the years, I have always used plaster over aluminum screening. You'd think I would've tried other methods, as I am sure there are others that are better, but no. I wonder how many gallons of glue it would have taken for the entire layout. It'll be 60 pounds of plaster by the time I'm done with the last bit on the last section.