Sunday, August 29, 2010

Track Plan and some Prototype Photos

   I've been working on the Geneva Subdivision for almost two years now and I still don't have a track plan.  Hopefully that will be solved shortly as a friend from Canada has graciously volunteered his services to put a track plan together.  Below is a drawing I did in Microsoft Paint that I sent him along with a bunch of aerial photos of the layout.  He will be using the information to put together the track plan.  THANKS JUSTIN!!!
   If you are interested in the pictures, they are all contained in a zip file located @
   I'm also including below some prototype photos that I took in Rochelle today in the 90 degree heat.  Enjoy!


  1. HI..

    I must say, you have one great looking layout, I just hope my space Frisco RR layout can come any where yours in looks and opration.

    Keep up the great work

  2. Thanks Stuart. Unfortunately, work on the layout has slowed down considerably with school starting up. Hope to get back to it this weekend a bit.