Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mi-Jack at Rochelle Global III

Finally got my hands on a Walthers MiJack kit for the Rochelle Global III intermodal yard.  The kit is of average quality in my opinion.  Pretty easy to put together, although there are a couple of somewhat difficult steps at the beginning of contruction.  Once you get past those, however its all pretty straight forward.  Detail is good overall with the exception of the ladders.  They are very chunky.  I did not use the ladders that came with the kit.  Instead I will be using some better ladders I have leftover from other kits.  The railings are also a bit thick, but not as bad as the ladders.  I will keep them on for now and possibly replace them later if they detract from the overall scene.  Even thought the kits is just average in quality, I really like it because the MiJack crane is a very cool looking piece of machinery and is crucial for any intermodel scene.  I am very happy with how the model fits with the spacing of the two tracks.  The crane can straddle both tracks for transferring containers from one railroad car to another or it can straddle just one track to transfer from railroad car to truck or vice versa. 
   As you can see, the model still needs to be painted and the part that actually picks up the cars needs to be attached.  I figured I would wait till after painting to attach it. 
   I may add a second MiJack crane for the yard as most prototype intermodel yards have multiple numbers of cranes in operation.  I counted just two on the sat photo of Rochelle Global III, but I sure they will add more it the yard ever gets anywhere close to capacity useage.  Last I heard it was operating at 15% capacity!


  1. They look a lot better when painted! Here is mine: (click on thumbnail) - still have to weather it though...

  2. Yes, that does look much better.