Friday, April 3, 2015

Clinton Crossovers

Installed the double crossover in Clinton, IA that are between the west staging and the Mississippi River bridge. The double crossover uses four #10 turnouts and will allow access from all 11 staging tracks to both the #1 and #2 mainlines heading across the Mississippi River and eastward toward Chicago.

Here's an overall view of the west staging throat and the turn to head across the Mississippi River and eastward.  I'm not a fan of peninsulas and turn back curves, but there will be a scene divider so only half of the curve will be a part of the modelled layout.  Also, the unmodelled portion of the curve is 24" radius while the modelled portion is 36".


  1. thats one hurdle out of the way but you still have a long way to go you still have to put in Fulton and Nelson and connect the other sections to Rochelle before the tricky part goes in putting in the loop staging yards for BNSF and CN in Elhurst and Rochelle then building Maywood completing the layout.

  2. did I forget to mention you still have to put in Clinton Bridge that way trains can cross to the main layout.

  3. Did you build the Clinton Bridge with drawings from a historic site?