Monday, March 23, 2015

11 Track 370 Car Staging Yard Completed

It may not look that pretty, but it is very functional and will serve the railroad well.  This will be one big improvement over the layout in Rochelle as the original UPRR Geneva Sub had a separate four track and five track stub end yard.  When a train ended it run, I had to manually move the locomotives and EOT cars in order to have the train run again.  This staging yard is part of the continuous loop and trains will be automatically set up for another run when an initial run is completed.  Also new this time around is that each track is detected through a Digitrax BDL168 so that the dispatcher can see which tracks are open and available for a train ending its run.  This ones for you Andy Rose.  Below are pictures of the west end of the mainline (Iowa).

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  1. good work Daryl the staging yard is in but Geneva Sub is not finished yet. You have five sections to go plus two Layout 1 sections to resurrect. Nelson and part of Clinton need to be rebuilt before Franklin Grove and Global 3 are installed then Rochelle needs to be installed and the BNSF staging yard needs to go in. when every thing is in then Maywood and Elmhurst go in completing the layout. keep up the good work soon Geneva Sub will be operational.