Friday, October 3, 2014

Connecting the Pieces Together

I've begun putting the sections of the layout back together in our new basement in Georgia. I've begun with the three sections that make up the Proviso Yard.  These three sections go in the part of the basement that is already finished, so they are a good place to begin.  The basement is a bit wider than the one on Rochelle, so I had to add a couple of short sections to make it fit.  Also, this time the Proviso Yard will be all Proviso and will not also serve as Clinton, IA as on the old set up.  So the Mississippi River bridge will not be in this room.  Instead there are new layout sections depicting Maywood and River Forest as in the prototype mainline.
   Getting the first section up and oriented correctly was the most difficult step.  Once it was up, the other sections went together much more easily.

   Of course, once the sections are together, there's the task of replacing all the track that was cut out between the sections.  Not to mention getting everything wired back up again.



  1. Daryl,

    Congratulations on the big move and glad to see that the layout survived. Although I am retired and don't expect to move, I'm building my layout in a similar fashion just in case. Good to see that the concept actually works. Look forward to seeing your continued progress.

  2. Yes, it has worked so far. I'm actually a bit surprised by how well it survived the trek. I've been getting it wired back together and so far it looks like the wiring has stay pretty much intact. Time will tell.

  3. can't wait until your operation Daryl post your first video on YouTube when your ready.