Friday, November 23, 2012

More Progress on Proviso Control Tower

   I pretty much finished the Proviso control tower this afternoon.  I airbrushed the tower refer white and then used strip styrene to fashion a crude desk for the interior of the tower.  I then painted the interior of the tower black.  Using the packaging from a set of Woodland Scenics figures, I cut out window glazing to place on the inside of the window frames.  After placing a couple of figures in the tower, I cut a piece of styene for the roof.  I did not glue to roof in place as I may add to or change the interior at some point. 
   Overall I'm pretty pleased with the project.  Its definitely a one of a kind structure.  I doubt anyone else has one on their layout besides me!  I'll be doing some work on the grounds around the tower and then it will be complete.

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