Friday, June 22, 2012

Work Begins on the Proviso Engine Facilities

An important structure of the Proviso Yard is the engine facilities. The facilities are a combination of new and old buildings that produce a very unique structure.  The prototype seen below has eight stalls plus a fueling track next to the structure.  Once again it would not be feasible to model this structure in its entirety due to its large size.  The area I have for the engine facilities is large by modelling standards, but still not big enough to accommodate a full size structure.  I was only able to fit six tracks in the space I have.  With one of the tracks serving as the fueling track, that only leaves five tracks for engine house stalls instead of the prototype's eight.  To get down to five tracks I eliminated stall B, stall 3 1/2, and stall 5 (see pictures below).  I also moved stall one and two closer together.

I am starting work with the original brick structure.  After doing a lot of measuring of the photos I had and using the Pikestuff Enginehouse as a guide for the stall doors, I use paper, pencil and a ruler to sketch out the end walls of the brick structure.  Although the model was going to be scaled down, I wanted to make sure I maintained the proper proportions of the building.  Once I was happy with the results, I cut out the paper sketch and used it as a template to cut out the end walls from .030 styrene.  I set the wall on the layout to check out the fit.

After cutting out the opening for the upper windows, I laminated brick embossed styrene to the wall and then used a Xacto knife to cut out the stalls and window opening.

I did the wall for the other side of the structure and then set both of them on the layout to get an idea of how long I should make building.  The picture below shows it at 160 scale feet (12").  After looking at the pictures some more and using the prototype's windows as a guide, I settles on 130 scale feet (9.5").

I then cut out the side walls from .030 styrene and added the brick embossed styrene to upper section containing the windows.  I did not use the brick on the other walls since they will not be seen once the structure is complete.  Since I was using fairly thin .030 styrene for a rather large structure, I added Plastruct structural shapes I had left over from the Mississippi Rive bridge for bracing.

Here's the structure so far after adding the roof.

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