Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Proviso Locomotive Facilities Near Completion

With just roof detail left to add, the Proviso Locomotive Facilities are nearly complete.  Its been a fun project although I'm surprised how much time it has taken to do the finishing touches.  Since the last post, I used chalk to bring out the brick mortar lines, added interior flooring, added stall numbers & other signage and added ballast to blend the foundation into the area. I'm not real happy with the color of the fueling station sidewalk. Too green. I may change it. I am now turning my attention to the Proviso control tower.


  1. Nice job! Maybe you can dull down the fueling station pads with dust powder?

    How far a reach is it to get to the engine house? I'm always fearful that that's the only place stuff will stall.

    Any thoughts about a backdrop for the scene?

  2. I tried sanding it, but it just removed the paint. I'm going to use woodand scenics paving paimt which I kmow sands well. Not sure about the backdrop yet. There will be numerous secondary buildings added yet which will detract from the big blue expanse. Maybe just add some foilage after that.

  3. Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished project!