Monday, October 3, 2011

Mississippi River Bridge Interior Walkways and Painting

I was really excited to see the prototype video in my last post.  Until I realized that the bridges have interior features that I could not ignore.  The bridges have walkways both between the tracks and outside each track.  Looking at my photos, I guess I should have know this as a few shots definitely show the walkways.  But it was the video that convinced me that I needed to add the walkways to my bridges.  So, after doing some measuring and some calculations, I determined that .060"X.250" styrene strips would do the trick.  Once I had the strips installed I airbrushed the entire bridge Floquil weathered black.  I think I need to go back yet and paint the walkways a dark grey to match the prototype and stand out more.  Once I get the walkways installed in the other two bridges, I will give all three a moderate air brushing of Floquil rust.   In addition to being more prototypical and looking good, the walkways make making sure the track is in straight very easy.

I also included a video update.

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