Sunday, February 27, 2011

Resistor Wheel Set Video

Here's a video showing how I install resistors on wheel sets so that each car can be detected by the computer controlled signaling system.


  1. This Video is a keeper. Bookmarked.

    Thank you.

    John Claudino

  2. Daryl, Awesome video. Looking to add detection on my modular layout so this method is just what I needed.

    Do you have the P/N for the conductive paint pen?

  3. The Mouser part number is 577-2505-N

    Here's the url for the item;

  4. Thanks for posting this video. I just did a few wheelsets recently using your same process, except that I use construction adhesive rather than super glue to attach the resistor to the axle. Unfortunately I have two wheelsets done and a zillion to go. :) Jamie

  5. Hey Daryl,

    Is there a particular type of super glue you're using?

  6. It just the cheap stuff that comes four tubes to a pack for $2 at Walmart.