Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay, that's not a word.  But I'm using it anyway to say thank you to everyone for following the blog and to announce an upcoming loco givaway.  That's right, I am giving away an Atlas loco to a lucky follower of the UPRR Geneva Subdivision.   In a few days I will post pictures of the loco and the rules for entering your name in the drawing.  Mainly though, I do want to thank everyone for following the blog and special thanks to those who have been clicking on the ads.  Your clicking on the ads will help purchase a needed SD70 for the Geneva Sub.  The Union Pacific has thousands of SD70s.  Its rare to see a train go through Rochelle without at least one SD70 in the consist and many times the consist will include nothing but SD70s.  I have only 3 units and need to at least 10.  My plan is to giveaway a loco on the blog everytime there are enough clicks on the ads to generate money for a new SD70.  I will start with a couple of Atlas units, but if all goes well, I will include some Kato units as well.  I will also be posting some pictures of recent progress on the railroad very soon. 



  1. About how much money does clicking on one ad make? I'm very excited to see updated progress of the layout!

  2. I've never been able to figure that out or find anywhere where the amount is published. At the rate things have been going, however, I should be able to giveaway about one loco a month.


  3. Okay sounds good! I will do my best to click on ads so you can get those SD70s! Can't wait to see the railroad!

  4. every body click a way at those ads so we can see more SD70's love those SD70's Calin

  5. Hi, i'm going to building an ho scale version of the geneva sub.i'm going to be using woodland scenics mod-u-rail ans subterrain systems,and atlas track.what dedgree crossing should i use for the rochelle diamonds?