Friday, June 4, 2010

Rock River Bridge Area Ready for Landforms

I'm making progress on the Rock River crossing area. It's just about ready for attaching the screenwire and plaster landform.  I installed a roadbed for Hwy 38 which runs along the UP mainline. A Hwy overpass will be used to hide the tracks coming through the backdrop just west of the Rock River bridge.  I decided to paint the bridges a rusting, faded black.  While silver or some other lighter color might have showed the detail better, most railroad bridges around this part of the country seem to be painted black.  The highway bridge accross the river will be simple bridge like the prototype pictured below.  A mirror will be installed under the bridge so that the river will appear to continue under the bridge. 


  1. I should have read this one before the last, the bridges turned out very nice, good choice on color.

  2. For that to be such a simple scene, there is something I really like about it. The flowing curve taking the tracks "off stage", the way the bridge/river dominates without overwhelming, the curve towards the rest of the layout. Nice start to the scenery.

  3. Nicely done! Did you find any difference in the double track spacing between the Walthers kit versus Atlas? If so, how are you adjusting your track spacing or the bridges themselves?