Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ol' Mirror Under the Highway Bridge Trick

What's a good way to diguise a river that runs into the backdrop? Put a mirror under a highway bridge, of course. Just as I did on the Rochelle Subdivisio, I am using this old trick on the Rock River crossing area. I went to a local interior design store and had them cut a 20" X 4" mirror that I carefully placed between the backdrop and benchwork where the river ends. The mirror does a great job of making it appear that the river continues on past the backdrop. The highway bridge, my next project, will cover the top of the mirror. I decided to wait with the epoxy pour for the river until after the highway bridge, with piers in the water, was installed. This will make sure that the highway piers appear to be in the water and not on top of the water. I ordered a bunch of Plastruct and Evergreen styrene sheets, strips and I-Beams for contruction of the highway bridge. Should be able to get to work on it sometime next week.

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  1. Perfect! I can't believe that area was completely unfinished just a few posts ago. Jamie