Friday, May 7, 2010

DCC Hardware Information

I recieved an email requesting information on DCC devices in use on the Geneva Sub.  So, below is a list of DCC equipment I have on the layout. The entire layout is powered by a single Digitrax 5 amp DSC100 booster.  I use two PM4s to seperate the layout into 8 power districts so that if there is a short, only 1/8 of the layout is affected.
All of the devices are connected to the computer via Locobuffer and MS100 computer/loconet interfaces. I use both RR&Co and DecoderPro software on the computer which is why I have two computer/loconet interfaces. The list below includes the device’s address and the switches and inputs assigned to each device. The information does not include anything about signal automation which will come later. If I was starting from scratch, I would use the team digital SRC16 with Moto-Ds for all the stationary decoders that control the turnouts. They are very easy to install and cost less than $5 per turnout. I had three DS54s on hand from the Rochelle Sub and received 2 DS64s from Digitrax to test for them so I made use of them as well. Also, the 3 SE8c, which I plan to use for signaling, have 8 inputs and 8 outputs so I made use of them too.  More information later.

BDL168 proviso - address 3
BDL168 FG/GlobalIII - address 4
BDL168 Rochellee - address 5

PM4 Proviso/Clinton/Fulton - address 7
PM4 FG/Rochelle - address 6

SE8c FG/GlobalIII - address 4 sw 25-32, inputs 2-9 through 2-16
SE8c Rochelle - address 2 sw 9-16 Inputs 1-9 through 1-16
SE8c Proviso/Clinton - address 3 sw 17-24, inputs 2-1 through 2-8

Stationary Decoders (turnout control)
DS64 Clinton - address 21 (sw 100-103)(input 11-1,11-3,11-5,11-7)
DS64 Proviso Engine - address 1 (sw 1-4)(input 1-1,1-3,1-5,1-7)
DS54 Provisowest - address 101 (sw 145-148)(input 19-1,19-3,19-3,19-7)
DS54 Proviso - address 103 (sw 152-156)
DS54 Fulton - address 102 (sw 149-152)
SRC16 proviso - loco adr = 1 (sw 81-96, inputs 201-216 (13,9 through 14,8))
SRC16 Clinton - loco adr = 1 (sw 111-126, inputs 217-232 (14,9 through 15,8))
SRC16 Global III - loco adr = 1 (sw 127-142, input 233-248 (15,9 through 16,8)
DS44 Nelson (sw50-53)

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  1. Thanks for the info, the tip about the SRC16 and Moto-D's help me do some planning/budgeting. This info really helps me visualize how your switches are managed.