Saturday, May 8, 2010

Computer Control & WiFi Throttle

The Geneva Subdivision utilizes computer control via RR&Co and DecoderPro software.   A very old computer (846Mhz AMD Duron with 1G mem) sits under the layout and is connected to the Digitrax loconet system via a MS100 and a Locobuffer.  There are two connections since I use RR&Co and DecoderPro at the same time. Both require their own connection and are not able to share a connection.  The computer does not have a monitor, but is connected to my home computer network.  This allows me to connect to the computer with other computers on the network via the Remote Desktop Connection built into the Windows XP OS. 

The RR&Co program is used to control signalling and turnouts on the layout.  It can dectect where trains are located and set signals accordingly.  Since I have not yet installed signals on the layout, I have not yet programed RR&Co for this purpose.  The computer is very useful in controling tunrouts in yards so that the push of one button will route all turnouts for that track.  The pictures below shows the RR&Co screen and a couple of the control panels on the layout.

The DecoderPro software is used to program all mobile decoders as well as many of the Digitrax loconet components on the layout.  Its free to use and extremely useful for this purposse alone.  However, I also use DecoderPro in conjuntion with my Dell PDA to have wireless throttles and control panel.  The Dell PDA is able to connect to the layout computer through the remote desktop connection which enables me to have the layout computer's screen on my handheld devise.  I have the software set up so that I can operate up to four throttles at a time, plus access a control panel to throw mainline turnouts and see where train are located on the layout.  When we have operating sessions I can use the PDA as a mobile dispatchers pannel. 


  1. That's really cool! What kind of train detection system do you use? /Lennart

  2. I have three Digitrax BDL168's that detect 16 blocks each, plus a couple of BD4's that detect 4 blocks each for a total of 56 detected blocks.

  3. Hi mate, do you get RR&Co Switchboard on your PDA or can you only get JMRI Panels through the Web Server facility?