Sunday, April 25, 2010

West Proviso Loco Yard Throat Complete

Installed two more turnouts and completed the west Proviso loco yard throat.  The throat provides four six engine tracks total.  Five of the tracks will lead into the Proviso engine house.  The sixth track, the one off by itself next to the tanker, will be on outside fueling track.  I have just eight more turnouts to complete (105 done so far).

I'm really looking forward to starting some scenery this summer once I get all the trackwork complete.

Here's the prototype fueling track


  1. Awsome work.

    Can't wait to see some videos of those Up beauties rolling!

    It's a shame to be on this side of the Atlantic! No one here in Portugal has the courage to have a layout like this!

    I hope to have the time, space and money to build my dream layout.


  2. Yea, I haven't done a video in quite some time. Maybe this weekend if I get a chance.