Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Operating Session

Had a fun op session today that went real well.  Ran 16 trains, switched a lot of cars, perfromed numerous meets, hostled many a consist and genreraly had a good time.  This was our first session with both Global III and the BNSF switcher fully operation.  Both integrated into the operating scheme well.  Howver, with those two jobs taking a throttle each we ended up short on throttles.  Luckily a comple of operators had brought theirs along and it all worked out.  I took a bunch of pictures but only a few came out good enough to post.

Tom O. and Bill Reid were the first crew to run Global III in Rochelle
Jeff Tendick runs an Autorack accross the Rochelle diamonds while gang of four try to figure out how to switch cars at GloabllII

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