Monday, April 20, 2009

Progress Update

A lot of progress has been made since I last posted in January. Below is a list. Hopefully, very soon I will post some pictures and/or video.

1. Finished taking down and discarding the Rochelle Sub. After scavaging as much as I could, I cut up the layout pieces and put them out on the curb with the regular trash pick up. There were a lot of pieces. I put them out 3-5 pieces at a time over four or 5 pick up days. I’m sure my garbage men were wondering what was going on.

2. I installed and wired all 17 mainline turnouts in East Clinton, Clinton and Proviso. I also wired the 4 power districts and blocks in the area, including 20 blocks.
3. Benchwork and tracklaying was done in the furnace room and bathroom.

4. Benchwork for all 24 feet of Rochelle completed.

Video of the layout.

Picture follow below.

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