Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rochelle Progress

Here’s some more photos from work done yesterday and today. A crossover using two #1 hand laid turnouts at the east end of Rochelle.

Instead of hand laying the four diamond crossing like I did on the previous layout, this time I am using Atlas 22.5 degrees code 55 crossings. I was never happy with the hand laid crossing I did on the Rochelle Sub. It took a ton of work, did not look right and always had shorting problems that I tried to solve with clear nail polish. Going with the Atlas crossings is much better.

Three views of Rochelle. I got some Masonite up for backdrop support. I am recycling a piece from the Rochelle Sub. As is a little clearer in these pictures, the BNSF line goes behind the backdrop, loops around through the bay window alcove and goes back to the east end of Rochelle where it can loop again and run through Rochelle again.

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