Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Room Ready for Last Section of the Layout

I am so close to completing the mainline of the railroad!!!!  Since the last post, I built some bench work to get the mainline out of the back room, installed a drop ceiling in the front room and installed some more lighting.  All that's left to get the mainline complete is to build bench work and lay track for the Wheaton, IL area.

These first couple of pictures are taken as you first walk into the front room and show the new drop ceiling and lighting.  The empty wall to the right is where the Wheaton, IL area will be located.

  The next two photos were taken walking into the back room. The new bench work to take the mainline out of the room is to the right.  From that bench work, the mainline will pass through the wall and into the Wheaton, IL area in the front room.

The following pictures are taken walking to the back of the backroom.

Now, we turn around and snap a few pics while walking back out of the rooms.


  1. almost done just need to complete the BNSF loop, install the Wheaton section, and cut holes in the wall for the tracks then it is a full loop and non stop to Proviso.

  2. Wow, every time I stop coming to your blog you build a new

  3. Amazing ressurection. Care to share more details about your track lighting choices in a blog post sometime?