Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cornfields on the UPRR Geneva Subdivision

   The only way I know to do plausible cornfields on a model railroad layout is..."Photo backdrop."
   Last summer I frequented a farm road overpass of the Union Pacific mainline just west of Global III.  Its a great place to watch trains as there is pretty much no traffic on the overpass and usually quite a bit of traffic on the UP mainline.  Its also surrounded by cornfields.  I used the over pass to take numerous photos of cornfields from varying angle for later use in photo backdrops.
   Today I finally got around to printing out the photos and mounting them on the backdrop between Franklin Grove and Global three.  I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.  Eventually I will use the same technique all along Global II and into Rochelle.

   In the first area I used Akeem Models brass corn rows that I salvaged from the old layout.  There are about five rows of the brass corn with the photo of actual corn behind it. 

 Here's the before pictures.

Just west of that is a farm.  I plan to use a photo of an actual farmstead behind the barn and silo. 

Here are the rest of the cornfield photo backdrops.

 Video coming soon!!

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  1. That looks very effective Daryl. I've been trying to find useful photos to use along the backdrop of my 1960-era layout, but with limited success.