Sunday, September 2, 2012

Next Project: Proviso Yard Control Tower

   Its time to begin the next new project for the UPRR Geneva Subdivision; The Proviso Yard Control Tower. The extreme uniqueness of the prototype should make it another signature element of the Proviso Yard section of the layout. As you can see from the photographs, the control tower looks more like it belongs at an airport than in a railroad yard. It has a very unusual angles that will be a challenge to replicate in a model. What makes it harder is that its location makes it difficult to photograph. Being in the middle of the railroad property makes taking close up pictures without major trespassing an impossibility.  Its was also difficult to get straight on pictures that are needed to determine proper dimensions and angles.
   The first dimension to determine is the overall height of the building. Using the third picture below I came of with an overall height of about 75 feet.  I got this by assuming that the windows were floor to ceiling at 8 ft in height. 
   The next dimension is the angle off square of the front and back walls of tower control house, which would mach the angle off square of the tower base.  Right now I am guessing 2-3 degrees off square.  I got this by taking the average of the front and back walls compared to the horizon.  I have no idea if that is correct.  Any ideas out there?

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