Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rochelle Global III Paved and Painted

The paint dried fast enough for me to mask and paint the second color still today.  I ended up painting the asphalt first and the concrete second.  I painted in this order thinking that the paint would hold to the Smooth It surface better than the styrene and, therefore, chip off less when removing the masking tape.  Worked out real well as just a bit chipped of in a couple of places.  The chips were easily repaired with some additional asphalt paint.  One other thing, I added a bit of the concrete paint to the asphalt paint to lighten up the asphalt paint and not make it look like it was freshly poured yesterday.   Tomorrow I will sand the paint a bit to weather it up some and then I'll be all set to ballast the track.


  1. Looks great Darryl. How will this facility operate during an operating session? Will you have a crew member loading and emptying wells? Or, will it serve as a visible staging location?
    - Steven

  2. Hey Steven,

    Global II definately plays a role in op session. Usually one person or two is assigned to the yard and is responsible for sorting cars and taking car of inbound and outbound trains.