Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scenic Express Trees

I purchased a Super Trees starter kit from Scenic Express the other day and finally got around to putting a few together for the layout.  Below are before and after shots of an area just east of the Mississippi River bridge.  Here are a couple of my first impressions of the resulting trees.

  • The trees are pretty fragile. Definitely a "last thing to add" detail.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up over time.
  • They are taller than the woodland scenic trees. The added height looks more prototypical to me.  The kit instructions recommended 7 inches for N scale.  These are about 5 inches.
  • They seem to be more detailed.  They don't look near as foamy as the Woodland Scenic trees.  They may be a bit too wispy.  
  • They have a very irregular shape, which I think helps them look more realistic.
  • They are very easy to build and take only a few minutes for each tree, although drying time seems to be an overnight deal.
I'll probably add a few more thoughts as I add more trees.  The kit yields about 30 trees, so I'll be adding more and taking additional pictures as I go along.

What do you think?  Woodland Scenic s hardwood tree kits or Super Trees from Scenic Express?


  1. I prefer the wispy look. To me it looks more prototypical; many models of trees look too "solid" and "toy like" to me.

  2. Scenic Express for me as well

  3. Super trees. I like the wispy look. N scale trees too often look like a lump of green foam.

  4. I like the look of the Scenic Express trees as well. Also in using the WS trees, it depends on how you build them up. If you start with the bare tree kit and go from there you can make it anyway that you like. Also it would depend on the area that is being modeled and what is the main style of tree and the way the look. I will have a mixture of both on my layout when I get to that point.