Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here's a couple of videos showing how I ballast track on the Geneva Sub. Not too sure if I like being on camera. However, I figure if I keep doing it, I will get better at it and hopefully the videos will be more interesting. Of course, there's always the possibility that I wont get any better at which point I'll quit and stick to just trains on the screen!

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  1. Good first attempt at how-to videos. One suggestion: rather than showing the whole process just show how to do each step - otherwise it gets to be too tedious watching the whole process.

    Also a few things you may want to try when ballasting (I model N-scale as well so know what we are up against!):
    - use less ballast at the beginning then you have less to move around
    - clean from one end of the track otherwise you have to keep cleaning over sections you already cleaned as you show in the videos
    - when dribbling the glue on try holding the nozzle against the rail then the glue will flow down rather than hit the ballast and possibly move it (not sure if that's been a problem for you or not)

    Looking forward to seeing more videos! Thanks for taking the time to make them.