Monday, May 30, 2011

Hiding the BNSF Return Tracks

A major improvement of the Geneva Sub over the old Rochelle Sub is the ability to run BNSF trains across the Rochelle diamonds.  To do this a loop of BNSF track is included in the track plan. The only part of the loop that we want to see is the part that crosses the diamonds and runs through Rochelle.  The two curves of the loop are already behind the backdrop, but there is a need to hide the tracks running along the back drop in Rochelle (refer to the track plan in a previous post).  To hide these tracks I used 1/8" masonite cut into 3.125" strips.  The masonite is mounted using simple angles glued to the masonite and screwed into the plywood.  I then painted the strips to match and blend in with the original backdrop. Below are before and after shots of the area.


  1. Darryl

    That looks awesome. The diamonds look great and the way you hide the other tracks blends so nicely. I got a kick out of you dispute with the arm chair modeler on A forum. Good laugh. You, Sir are an awesome modeler!!


  2. Hi Darryl -

    Question on the track plan for the BNSF loop. How do the BNSF tracks cross over the UP mainline in the return loop before heading back via the newly hidden track? I assume they cross at level, correct? How will that be handled during operations?

    Great work!