Sunday, January 16, 2011

Basic Scenery Complete and More Signals

Basic scenery is complete on the Geneva Subdivision.  Now work will turn to ballasting, bridges, roads, structures, details, etc.  Actually, before I get to all those areas, I plan to spend some time weathering all the new rolling stock I have purchased over the past few years.  As I weather them, I will also be adding a resistor to one wheel set of each car.  Eventually I plan to have a resistor wheel set on every car, but getting them on just the newly weathered cars will be a big step forward.  Also included in the pictures/video are additional signals that have been added.  Only signals left to install are the west Proviso yard entrance/crossover.



  1. Looking good! Don't suppose you want to pop over the pond to help me with my layout, right? :-) Keep up the good work! Hopefully I can come visit you again soon to see your progress.


  2. I will be going to London someday. Maybe summer 2012. You'll probably have the layout done by then! You are always welcome here.