Sunday, November 14, 2010

Static Grass vs. No Static Grass

You decide!  Static grass or no static grass.  Right now I am undecided.

I finally got around to experimenting with some static grass, thanks to Bill Pistello and the use of his static grass applicator.  My first attempt, the lighter green grass in  the third photo, had a couple of misteps on my part.  One I used glue straight out of the bottle which was way to thick.  The grass did not stand up too well and the glue is partially visible even when dry.  Also, the green was too light and contrasts too much with the existing terrain.  I added some foliage to the grass especially around the edges to lessen the contrast.  This helped a little, but still needs some work in my opinion.  The second attempt I used 50-50 glue and water which work quite well.  I also used a darker green which blended into the existing scenery better.

I am not sure how much the grass improves the scene. I'm thinking as I get better at the technique, the improvement will increase.   Your feedback and suggestions is appreciated.


  1. It's a subtle improvement, but noticeable. I think I prefer the "after" shots.

  2. Agree with Tracy. The effect is subtle, but convincing. Makes me want to get started on my own grass...

  3. It isn't a big change but it looks good! I always have liked grass along the tracks like that so I like it! Good work!

  4. The static grass looks good. The key is not to overdo it...but your 'after' shot looks good.

  5. I've discovered that lighter materials photograph better. I haven't used static grass yet, but my bag of yellow foam is getting pretty small. I use yellow for "sunlight" in many scenes.

  6. "I am not sure how much the grass improves the scene."

    Only about 110% improvement!

    I think static grass, properly applied, is possibly the single best improvement one can make towards a layouts appearance!