Sunday, October 31, 2010

Triple Signals at Rochelle Diamonds

One significant feature of the Rochelle diamonds, in additional to the diamonds themselves, is the triple signal bridge for eastbound UP traffic across the diamonds.  Reinstalling the signal bridge from the old Rochelle Sub was a disaster as I burned out three of the six signal lights by hooking them up incorrectly.  In addition to that fiasco, I also did not like the double track bridge from the old layout since the prototype bridge spans three tracks; the 2 UP mainlines and the interchange track lead.  Since this layout includes the interchange track lead, the old signal bridge just did not look right unless it spanned all three tracks.   So, I had SMD build brand new triple signals to match the prototype and put them on a new three track bridge must closer to the prototype.  Below are pictures.  Once again SMD did an excellent job with the signals, although I was not able to use the platform SMD included with the signals as they were not compatible with the NJI signal bridge.  I did use the railings from the platform however.  Overall I think its turning our real well. I'm including a prototype picture for comparison.