Saturday, October 17, 2009

Proviso Yard Activity

Here are some pictures of mainline and yard action in Proviso.


  1. Very inspiring!

    The initial cost of the Fast Track turnout fixtures has certainly paid for itself as you built your turnouts. I understand you had your first operating session. I am curious as to how smooth your trains were traversing through all of them.

    When I am ready to start building my permanent, I'm going to invest in Fast Tracks... Nice work.

  2. The trains ran very smoothly for a first time op session. Only a few derailments. Since then, I've run the trains a lot more and have found even more areas that need work. Mostly re-gauging wheel sets and filing turnout frogs and points. I'm confident that eventually I will be able to get things to the point of zero derailments. The hardest thing to conquer is backing up long trains with truck mounted couplers.